About Kumar Mechanical

About Our Company

Since 1978, Kumar Mechanical has been providing mechanical contracting services to the Twin Cities (Minneapolis - St. Paul) and surrounding communities. Our specialty is Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning (HVAC) and Complete Mechanical Construction. We provide these services through the use of plans and specifications developed by others (“plan and spec” method) or by custom designing a system for the customers’ unique needs and application (“design and build”) method.

Our Business Philosophy

We believe that the most valuable asset we have is our customer, at that’s the basis of our company philosophy. At Kumar Mechanical, we are committed to communicating with our customers, fully understanding their HVAC/Mechanical Construction needs, then offering them quality and economical construction services in a timely and efficient manner.

We also believe that our customers deserve the best we have to offer…our employees. We recognize that our employees need to achieve results and provide valued service to our customers. For that reason, we have a diverse group of professional engineers, estimators, project managers, accounting/office staff and sheet metal mechanics. Our personnel have had HVAC work experience not only across the nation but internationally as well. Every employee makes an important contribution to the success of Kumar Mechanical Inc. We are committed to providing an atmosphere that encourages teamwork , pride in a job well done, and the opportunity to achieve professional/personal growth and excellence.

We are dedicated to exploring and utilizing the highest technology available to us to increase productivity while lowering construction costs. This includes the use of the latest CAD software to produce detailed coordination drawings for assistance in installation and communication of the products we install. We continue look for better ways to improve our processes so that our customers will continue to look for Kumar Mechanical Inc. to meet all their mechanical construction and HVAC needs.

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